How to cure tonsil stones | Tonsil Stones Treatment

How to cure tonsil stones

Hi friends, how are you? I hope you are okay. I will share my story about a small tonsil stones. 
Have you ever experienced it? Hopefully you did not experience it, If you're experiencing? Do not panic ... I will share how to treat it.

Well, here I will share tips on how to treat the stone "cute" which is annoying in a very simple, cost effective and lively. Before getting into the subject a good idea to Preparing a cup of coffee for the sleepy.

What causes the tonsil stones? you are right, cause the rest of the food, bacteria, mucus cells or some cause food stuck. Tonsil stones causes coughing, pain when swallowing, sore throat, swollen tonsils, bad breath is very disturbing.

What you know how to cure it? This simple and effective ways that you can do to get rid of and reduce the production of tonsil stones on it. Treatment with salt water ?? Only with warm water and salt.

The first way is:
- Combine water and salt then stir until dissolved
- Then breathe in the warm salt water in one nostril
- Make sure the salt water out through the nostrils only.
- Clean the nostrils with a cloth.
- Brush your teeth as usual.
- Repeat until it is sampled small stone missing

The second is:
- Combine water and salt then stir until dissolved
- After that enter into the mouth
- Salt water mouth rinses is currently located in the mouth
- Make sure that the water on the back of the mouth.
- Do it several times a day

Hopefully this method can be useful for the readers. I expect nothing but healthy all readers. So simple and effective way to treat tonsil stones. Thy, health care and food hygiene with an easy way to wash your hands before eating and praying. If this article useful please share, it's easy enough you just copy paste the link to this article.
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